Sapori di Norcia, HORO di Norcia

Sapori di Norcia
The Castelluccio di Norcia Lentil Cooperative was created with the aim of bringing together the work of all the owners of agricultural land who are involved in the cultivation of the product that characterizes the Castelluccio plateau: lenses.

Die Hochebene von Catellucio

The lentil from Castelluccio is unique for its extremely small size and distinctive taste and is found in the heart at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level of the Sibillini National Park. Sown, as soon as the snow cover has completely thawed, the lentil blossoms are the main character of the “blossom festival”, which makes the plateau shine in an impressive blaze of color in the last weeks of June. The harvest does not take place until August and the season ends with the traditional one Threshing Festival, the symbol of the old farm work.
In order to protect the consumer and the product effectively against possible counterfeiting, the European Community granted the lenses from Castelluccio the in 1997 IGP recognition (Protected Geographical Indication) and thus solved the problem of marketing the wrong lenses.

Besondere Linsen aus Umbrien

HORO di Norcia
Horo di Norcia is a project that emerged from a story that shaped and changed the life of every person in central Italy. It is the earthquake of October 30, 2016, when the earth shook at night and hundreds of people were buried under the rubble of their homes and died, many of them children. So that this tragic event is not forgotten, every product bears the date 30102016. This company combines the quality of haute cuisine with a return to old traditions. Horo di Norcia is a family-run brand whose products are processed and packaged by Sapori di Norcia.
We regularly visit the rooms of HORO di Norcia and Sapori di Norcia to test product innovations and to be able to define the range design for the future based on what we have experienced. On these trips we always try to get to know new suppliers and producers and to get a listing in our range.