Ercolanetti olive oil

The Ercolanetti olive oil from La Macina di Bettona

We source our Ercolantti extra virgin olive oil from beautiful Umbria in Italy. La Macina di Bettona is a family business located in Umbria between the hills of Bettona, a small village of Etruscan origin. From the farm you can admire the rugged and enchanting nature of the Umbrian region. One of the region's greatest treasures is the precious green gold, olive oil. The Moraiolo quality olive oil produced in the Frantoio Ercolanetti oil mill reaches the highest standards and has received several seals of approval such as the DOP designation.

The extra virgin olive oil from Franoio Ercolanetti can be ordered in 3 sizes: 0.5l, 3.0l and 5.0l. The 0.5l can, which will be replaced by a higher quality glass bottle in the foreseeable future, is also part of ours Pangea gift basket.

The oil mill is one of the most modern plants currently in Italy. A machine has been specially developed for the cold pressing process in collaboration with the University of Perugia, which keeps the oil at a constant temperature during the entire processing period and thus prevents a decrease in quality due to heating during processing. 

Frantoio Ercolanetti is led by Luca and Lisa Ercolanetti. With regular visits to the mill and the associated holiday complex "La Macina di Bettona" we can get an impression of new products and we can stay in touch with future cooperation.