Discovering the world has not only brought us, Alina and Johannes, closer to other cultures, but also culinary enriched. Although Italian cuisine is also very popular in Germany and widespread, just think of pizza and pasta, but there are products for haute cuisine that have not yet made much inroads. This is where our olive oil comes in, for example, which at least 80% is pressed and obtained from the Moraiolo olive, or our lentils, which Thanks to the altitude and perfect climatic conditions, without the use of pesticides can be cultivated. Due to its particularly small diameter, the lentil does not need to be cooked for too long, or even pickled and is quickly ready to eat. We quickly noticed that the products were also popular with people to whom we brought them met with approval. Because the extent to which we supplied friends, family and increased, the idea was born to create a company that would be able to generate enthusiasm for our food also into the shops and thus to even more people: The birth of Pangaea International Trading GmbH! Why Pangaea? Pangaea as an original continent symbolises a world in which countries are not natural boundaries were separated from each other. The boundless is also what world: Equal opportunities for all, no judgement by skin colour, nationality or Origin. To do justice to this view of the world, we have decided to do so, to successively obtain high-quality products from small manufactories and thus small ones all over the world, to support manufacturing companies. And here Italy and South Africa (Gin and non-food products such as stainless steel straws). Piece by piece, products from other countries are added to the range, so that we can offer the We are also able to meet the demands that we place on Pangaea. And we are happy about every customer, who shares our view of the world and who is especially important in times when traveling is difficult has become, brings a piece of the culinary world home. And if you have a deep (culinary) connection to a country you miss, then send us an e-mail with your Product request. Because we see ourselves at this point not only as a dealer, but also as service provider.