How do you recognize good olive oil?

Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils in the world - most people know that. But there are a few things to consider when buying olive oil and it is not uncommon for the customer to be lured with a supposedly high-quality and expensive product that does not meet the specified quality standards. Not only does the taste suffer in many of the oils bought in the supermarket, the health aspect also falls by the wayside. Despite the term “extra virgin” for the high quality and freshness of the olives, it is not uncommon for the bottle to contain a cheap mixture with other low-quality oils.


The question that consumers should ask themselves: How do you recognize good olive oil?

  • The characteristic greenish color of the oil can now be imitated by chlorophyll enrichment. Instead, it is better to smell the olive oil. A strong odor of olives indicates that the olives have been lying around for a long time before they were processed and, accordingly, they are usually of poor quality. The smell of "real" olive oil, on the other hand, is difficult to describe and is difficult to classify due to the multitude of different nuances of the olive varieties.
  • In terms of taste, the oil is fruity, strong and somewhat bitter with a slight sharpness. For many people it is a real taste experience when they try good olive oil for the first time, which cannot be compared in any way with the mild and tasteless oils from the discounter.
  • If you don't just want to rely on your sense of taste and smell, you should use the EU-protected label D.O.P. (Denominazione d'Origine Protetta) respect, think highly of. In order to receive this designation, Italian olive oils must be subjected to strict controls, as the region of origin of the olives and other characteristics of high-quality olive oil production are thereby certified.
  • Often the price is also decisive, since the production of high-quality olive oil is very complex and therefore just as expensive. A high quality of the food is often only achieved by hand picking and the use of the most modern machines. A low price indicates that savings were made in the production process and the olives were not processed in the best possible way.

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